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  3. I am certified addicted to this breakfast at 4am. 👻

  4. The most awaited part of the week. #icecream 👍

  5. Today marks down my 25th year on earth! I am truely blessed to have a family who showed fairy tales do come true. The king and queen, the evil sister sometimes my fairy god mother and two evil brothers thank you for teaching me how to love. Thank you for pulling me back when im about to be detached. 😬 To the one who’s letting me taste my medicine i hate that i can’t win! haha! thank you! I promise to keep it.💫 To my best friend who accepts, understands and loves me unconditionally hands down to you. Thank you for still loving me when I’m not loveable at all. 🙌 To my forever partner in crime, the one who casts my fears and taming me when i’m feeling troubled oh my! Thank you. ✊To the people who greeted me, shared the day with me and to the person i forced her to greet me haha Thank you i love you. Happiest birthday to me! OMO! 👍💋

  6. Atom Araullo greeted me for my birthday! Medyo Jologs ako pero crush ko talaga siya! Haha! 👻 Thank You A! I didn’t noticed that you’re capable of being sweet! 👊 Happiest birthday for me. 💛

  7. Hi bebang @dariceco💭

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    Shopping up a storm today in some opshops hahah 💸

    Wow love the style

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    Natasa Vojnovic in “Bohemian Escape” by Gregory Harris for Interview Magazine, April 2014

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